Mud anyone?

It is a well-known fact that the Dead Sea mud is rich in nutrients and minerals and is therefore excellent for your skin. However, this doesn’t make the prospect of slathering yourself in it any more appealing. When I stayed in Jordan on the shores of the Dead Sea I was able to try the real deal and shove my hand in a bucket full of thick, clay-like, gloopy, grey mud. After a moment of thinking how completely gross this was I set to work covering my whole body in it. Turns out, it’s actually pretty fun!

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After waiting roughly 15 minutes for the mud to dry I was getting rather toasty in the sun and so it was time to go and wash it off. Easier said than done. When you’re in water that makes it impossible for you to sink, think how difficult it is for you to get your shoulders under. With some help from my dearest mother we managed to master the technique of dipping down for a second whilst she frantically washed the mud off of my back before I bobbed back up again. After this experience my skin felt silky smooth and  I was rather upset at the thought that that would be the first and last time I nourished my skin in such a way.

This is not the end of the story however as the duty-free at the airport came to my rescue! Massive thanks go out to Rivage Dead Sea skin products for putting some of the mud in a nice squeezy pouch. Whilst ever so slightly overpriced (bear in mind you can go to the Dead Sea and get this for free) I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to pamper my skin at home knowing that I am using a natural product. 

1. Tie hair back!!!

2. Don’t be shy, get a nice big blob of mud on your hands and spread it all over your face. I use 3 blobs of around about this size –

3. Once you’re all nice and green grab yourself a book/good tv programme/nail varnish etc. and settle down for 30 minutes.3. I wouldn’t advise trying to eat in this time as the mud will be drying and makes eating a very strenuous task.

4. Using your fingers rub in circular motions to remove the majority of the mask. As the mud has 4.dried this will exfoliate your skin making it even more luscious when you’ve finished!

5. Rubbing your skin won’t get all of the mud off so make sure to rinse your face with luke warm water.

6. Voila! Time to admire your skin in the mirror. Just feel how soft it is!


Of course, everyone’s skin is different but after washing this off I would strongly advise you to use a deep moisturising facial cream. My skin laps up any cream I put on it after this face mask so sometimes I have to do more than one application but you’ll know if your skin needs this or not.



10 thoughts on “Mud anyone?

  1. I was in Jordan 1st week of May and absolutely loved it. Wadi Rum and Petra were my highlights. Mudding up at the Dead Sea was amusing though and the experience of floundering on the surface of the Dead Sea – a very weird experience. Attempting to swim/shuffle across the surface of the water felt very alien!

    • I’m glad you had a good time when you were there! I thought Jordan was amazing and I’ll definitely have to go back.

      Thank you for checking out my blog 🙂

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