Music Session 3: Club Cheval

Apologies for the slightly late music post. Having been away from work for a week I’m attempting to catch up on what I’ve missed!

I’m back in Paris and this weekend I celebrated my 21st birthday by throwing a party and heading out to a club afterwards. This has inspired me to write this post as there is something that puzzles me a lot regarding the French club/music scene. I do love going out and dancing until your feet are screaming at you to stop but so far Paris hasn’t amazed me. It seems that the majority of clubs deemed as being good all play the same type of music or actually, I should say, the same song. Upon arriving at one of Paris’ best clubs on Saturday night the music instantly made me want to dance so I grabbed myself a drink and headed over to the dancefloor. It was great and so much fun (I especially enjoyed the light up glasses I borrowed from some kind gentleman) for about 10 minutes until I realised it was the same beat pretty much playing on a loop. No singing along was possible as there wasn’t a single word for the whole 3 hours we were there! Where is the fun in that? There’s only so much bobbing along I can do without feeling like a bit of a twat.

For fear of sounding like a grandma at the ripe old age of 21, I’d like to say there are some dance music artists that I find bearable and some that I even like!.  Club Cheval is a group I would definitely include in my list of listenable DJs. Not that I’ve written such a list but if I ever feel the need to write one then they’ll be on there. Club ChevalClub Cheval is a group of 4 guys originating from the north of France. Their first EP came out in 2012 featuring solo pieces and “Now U Realize” was their first group single to be released (June 2012). Each member has his own influences and therefore, has a different style that adds a nice bit of variety into the mix. These are some of my favourite tracks so far –

  1.  Rihanna – Jump (Club Cheval remix)
  2. Club Cheval – Vanilla Girl
  3. Club Cheval – Pretty Boy Swag

Keep your eyes peeled for their new album due to be released in 2013!


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