Grey skies but not for long!

Sitting here at my desk in central Paris slaving away at my PR job I realise that life could be worse. However, there is little if no room for this thought in my head as the CONSTANT hammering of rain on the window behind me is taking up all of my thoughts. It is April and I’m in Paris; I pictured myself sitting outside on café terraces with a drink in hand and getting my money’s worth out of the new Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses I have my eye on. Alas, the sky is grey, rain is a frequent visitor to this city and I’m not sure I will ever get close to putting sunglasses anywhere near my face. Well, not in Paris anyway. Now if I were to go somewhere hot and sunny that would be a different matter all together. I suppose it’s just my luck that I’m going to Jordan in 2 days time!Amman

My excitement is extreme to the point where every so often I have to breathe out very deeply (think labour breaths) in order to remain calm and not let out a squeal. I’m almost grateful for the rain over here as it makes my trip to Jordan seem even better (if that’s possible). The plane leaves late afternoon on Thursday so we should touch down in Amman just before midnight that same day. I’m going with my parents as we decided to celebrate all of our birthdays together and do something really special hence the lack of relaxing beach break and instead the opting for a tour across Jordan starting in Amman, heading out across the desert to Petra and then back up to the Dead Sea.PetraThe temperature right now in Petra is in its high teens but compared to the weather here that will do me just fine as I’ll have to cover up when I’m there so don’t really want to be working the sweaty look. When I’ll be lying in my spa resort on the Dead Sea however the temperature looks set to reach 30 degrees and so I may temporarily lose my passport and have to miss the plane home….


4 thoughts on “Grey skies but not for long!

  1. Hard for me to have too much sympathy with your rainy Paris woes from Chicago, but I get the feeling. Can’t wait to read about Jordan! Especially from a fellow PR professional – you on the agency or client-side? Thanks for reading my blog!

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