Bologna: Pre-departure

This weekend I’m taking a little trip over to Bologna to visit a friend. Whilst I am obviously excited to see her, I must admit that food is occupying a lot of my mind. Never one to want to miss out, I decided to write a list of Bologna specialities and am going to make sure I try them all. In 2 and a half days. 2 and a half days of heeeaaavvveennnn.

  1. Pizza – Pretty obvious one here. Not strictly Bolognese but it would be wrong to be in Italy and not to have one. 
  2. Tortelli di zucca – I’ve only really eaten shop bought tortellini as I’m not really a fan so just use it as a quick dinner before dancing or work. Pumpkin ravioli however just happens to be one of my all time favourite pastas so I cannot wait to try this!
  3. Lasagne – Classic choice. Can it beat my granny’s though? It’s a tough one.
  4. Tagliatelle al ragu – Ok so this confused me a lot. Apparently this is spaghetti Bolognaise! Who knew! From the many cookery shows I watch I am already aware that a real bolognaise sauce is pretty much completely different from the bolognaise Cappucinomost of us Brits make. First of all they use white wine which goes against all of my instincts and they also don’t use tomatoes. I’m rather intrigued.
  5. Tiramisu – I’m already a big fan of this dessert but I will order it once again just in case there is something different about it when made in Italy.
  6. Gelato – Same as above in regards to icecream. Pretty sure I could eat it for every meal time no problem! Yoghurt is my all time faaaave but hopefully I’ll find some intriguing flavours whilst I’m away.
  7. Cappuccino – Many many many of these will be drunk. Especially seeing as I am waking up at 4am to fly out to Bologna.
  8. Mortadella – Really not so excited to eat this one. It’s a type of sausage with cubes of pork fat in it. Yum. Looks suspiciously like the Russian sausage I was faced with when in Siberia. I can’t say it fills me with desire.
  9. Torta di riso – A cake made of almonds, rice and amaretto. Intriguing.
  10. Crescentine – A type of fried bread usually eaten with cured meats and other appetizers.

Let the feast commence….


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