Music Session 1

So I’ve decided to give French music a go and so far it has been a mixed experience. French groups aren’t exactly well known in the UK and I’m assuming this is the case elsewhere in the world too. See this as a kind of light education on the world of French music if you will. Friday seems an appropriate time to publish these posts as it’s the end of the week, no one wants to be working and you can all pretend to be slaving away whilst listening to these songs instead. Just doing my bit for the greater good and all that.


  • Formed in 1995
  • 4 members – Guizmo, Christophe Mali, Manu Eveno, Daniel Bravo
  • Accoustic band inspired by world music
  • Interesting fact: Tryo avoid media appearances and prefer to use word-of-mouth as their method of publicity

I realise they are not exactly spring chickens but I like their music nevertheless! Here is the title track off of their 5th album Ladilafé

Greenwashing” was their first single off of their Ladilafé album. Now, I’m not entirely sure what “greenwashing” means but I’ll let that go as it’s an upbeat and fun track that gives me a little boost when I’m finding it difficult to survive a day in front of my computer. 

Désolé pour hier soir (Sorry about last night) is a song I hold close to my heart. It’s all about waking up the morning after a night out and thinking “Oh no. What did I do??” After the stories start rolling in you then decide that you are NEVER drinking again. That is, until the next obligatory outing is planned. I’m sure many of you can relate to this. 


Electro Pop seems to be the genre of choice at the moment in France which is a let down as this is not reeeally my kind of thing. I thought I’d include an example of what the French media have called an “Electro Pop sensation”. This is Lescop‘s single “Le Foret“. Whilst I do find this song quite catchy, I don’t see it as being anything particularly amazing and I just cannot get past his granddad dancing in the video. See what you think –


One thought on “Music Session 1

  1. Quite liked Tryo but the rest isn’t up to much is it? Lescop isn’t a patch on “Vienna” by Ultrvox which hit the top of the UK charts in 1981. That’s 30 years ago – France seriously needs to catch up.

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