It’s about time…..

I wrote my first post from PARIS!!


Well, time does fly when you move to a new city, start a new job, make new friends, get used to your first full-time job and so decide to take another one up on the side. Basically I promise from now on that I will be back on form and writing regular posts. I think I may well have got this time management thing down.

Posts from Paris will be taking on a slightly different form than those from Tomsk. Obviously Paris isn’t so unusual on a day to day business (a welcome change) so my posts will be based mainly on events I’ve attended, museums, restaurants etc etc. You get the picture.

So far I have got quite in to the Parisian way of life. Starting off the weekend by going to the market and spending an absolute fortune on food (I drew the line when a man tried to sellParisian Beer me a 9 euro pot of honey) and spending the day just wandering around Paris is my idea of bliss. Those of you who know me will know that I’m pretty bad at food shopping but you can be assured that I have 3 different types of cheese in my fridge at all times as a little pre-dinner snack. I’ve tried oysters, snails, a Parisian brunch, furry cheese, Parisian beer, French wine and I’m sure there will be lots more to come. I’ve been to some lovely restaurants, bars, some good exhibitions and so now I guess it’s time to start writing about them all!


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