Just for fun!

My attention span is not that of an average adult. I would say I can concentrate for half an hour max in a museum or art gallery. So after visiting a museum in the morning, another cultural trip that afternoon is out of the question. So on my trip to Berlin this time I filled my time up with walking, bouncing and posing.

I took a walk in the area around Friedrich Strasse and Alexander Platz one afternoon. It’s an area jam packed with sights and a good way to spend a couple of hours on a sunny day. I even saw Minnie and Mickey Mouse at the Brandenburg Gate!!


I also spent my time at a bouncy castle festival. I obviously didn’t choose this myself, I took my niece along. I have to admit though that I did have a go. Well, she begged me to I couldn’t say no could I!

  In terms of posing, I took a little visit with a friend of mine who was in Berlin to one of Berlin’s Photoautomat machines. These machines are well known across Berlin and a perfect little souvenir to take away with you. Sadly, they don’t have warnings of when the photos are going to be taken so our session was not entirely successful. We did try though and it produced some funny results! 


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