Jewish Memorial

Holocaust Denkmal

The Jewish Memorial was designed by architect Peter Eisenmann and engineer Buro Happold.

2,711 concrete blocks of different heights have been placed in an area of 19,000 sq metres. 

At first I was somewhat underwhelmed by what I saw. For 6 million murdered Jews I expected the memorial to be on a far larger scale. There definitely aren’t even close to 6 million blocks. However, when I started to walk amongst the concrete blocks my mood and opinion gradually began to change. With all the greyness surrounding me I began to feel extremely somber and thoughtful. These blocks are here for a reason. That reason represents a massive black cloud over humanity – the ability to cause enormous suffering.

Perhaps the aim was not to create a physical representation of all 6 million Jews who were killed during the Second World War, perhaps the aim was to create a memorial that was able to provoke emotion and thought in the viewer in order for them to reflect back on history and remember those who suffered.

A visitor once said about this memorial, “It reminds me of all the Jewish people’s left luggage.”


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