What do I want to be when I grow up?

I wish I had a definite answer to this question. It would make life a lot simpler.

From the age of 16 when I decided that I wanted to study languages at university I have constantly had people telling me how useful languages are in the working world. Every single university open day I attended had a lecturer delivering a speech about why we should study languages and the benefits we would reap from doing so. This always puzzled me seeing as I was attending the subject talk I was applying for so was clearly aware of the usefulness of languages already. Yet every professor felt the need to convince me of this fact. I am convinced.

However, I am faced with the dilemma of too much choice. I’m too greedy, I want to do everything! I want to have my cake and eat it (personally I don’t see why you would have a slice of cake and not eat it but that’s just my opinion). I want to work for the UN, organise international aid, translate novels, run a charity, work at a publishers, be a reporter, work in PR, run my own little handmade goods boutique (perhaps not made by my own hands as I can tell you now that that would be a disaster) and the list goes on. The ambition is there, now I need the decisiveness.

This summer I’ve been interning at a homeless charity in London and when I move to Paris I am lucky enough to have secured a role interning at a top PR firm, Cohn & Wolfe. I am also going to be the Tomsk correspondent for the Voice of Russia broadcasting service when I move over there in 2 weeks time. So, charity work – check, PR work – check, reporting – check. I think that’s enough for me to focus on just now. Maybe the rest will just fall in to place.


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