And so the countdown begins…

And so the day has arrived when the reality of what my year ahead has in store has finally hit me. I remember starting university and contemplating what I would do during my compulsory year abroad in my third year. It was a topic I thought I would have a lot of time to decide on and save up for. So how on earth am I now in my third year? Where did all that time go? The beginning of my year abroad is near. A total of 15 days until I set off on my travels to Siberia and a lovely day’s worth of travel to start it all off with a bang!

When was it that this realisation dawned on me? You would think it would be sending off my visa application or being contacted by my contact at Tomsk State University that set me off into the personification of an emotional rollercoaster but no, it was this morning when my severe cold weather parka arrived in the post. Yes, a coat.

The name “extreme cold weather coat” should give you some idea as to why I’m nervous. I look like Rudolph during British winters, I’m not sure my nose can handle temperatures reaching minus 20-30! I chose a khaki green parka by Alpha Industries with the teeny hope that this colour will compliment my skin tone and eradicate severe redness of the nose. I hope this plan works. However, I must admit I am excited and this is also thanks  to the arrival of my coat. Having tried it on I feel like a little explorer. How exciting! Especially having read the label that says Alpha Industries is the “Official US defence contractor”. Now if that doesn’t instill some sort of excitement then there is something wrong with you. I feel tough wearing this coat, telling myself to man up when fears begin to bubble up. I will soon be facing severe cold weather, battling cold winds and knee deep snow on a daily basis whilst playing dramatic film music in my head.

What is the next stop on the road I hear you ask? SNOW BOOTS!


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